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Asa Hutchinson, who served as the 46th governor of Arkansas from 2015 to 2023, made an informal announcement on April 2, 2023, about his campaign for the presidency of the United States during an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Jonathan Karl. The campaign was officially launched on April 26.

In March 2023, Hutchinson expressed his belief that having “more voices right now in opposition or providing an alternative to Donald Trump is the best thing in the right direction”. During his tenure as governor of Arkansas, Hutchinson firmly stated that Republicans who attempted to overturn the 2020 presidential election and spread Trump’s false claims, commonly referred to as the “Big Lie,” should not be placed in positions of leadership. He criticized Trump for causing division within the party and viewed his election conspiracies as a “recipe for disaster”. On February 5, 2022, Hutchinson, along with U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski, condemned the Republican National Committee’s censure of Representatives Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney for their support of and participation on the House Select Committee tasked with investigating the January 6 United States Capitol attack.


As a former Undersecretary of Homeland Security during the George W. Bush administration, I see what is happening along our southern border and recognize the severe lapse in leadership from the Biden-Harris administration. This administration is showing weakness every day, which jeopardizes the safety of our ranchers and families along the border and signals to the world that the United States is no longer interested in protecting our nation.


A strong national defense is the bedrock of our democracy. I have served at the highest levels when it comes to ensuring America remains strong in our national defense and that Americans are protected. Our men and women in uniform deserve our best and I will never stop fighting for those who selflessly serve our nation.


For too long, America has been dependent upon China for the stabilization of our economy. We can continue a trade partnership with China, but it must be one that protects American interests and promotes American ideals.

China needs to answer the tough questions surrounding COVID-19 and I am prepared to ask those tough questions and hold China accountable.


Russia is a threat to our national security and a threat that must be taken seriously. As Undersecretary of Homeland Security, I have firsthand experience dealing with world leaders to keep America safe.

We must be tough on Russia and that starts with not backing down from Putin.


In our democracy, the rule of law is foundational. The law undergirds liberty when the law is applied equally, with restraint and for the greater good. Yes, we must keep violent offenders off our streets and behind bars, but we must also address unfairness in sentencing. We can — and should — do both.

And, we can make America a safer nation by providing our men and women in blue with the resources they need to enforce our laws and protect our families.


Every American feels the strain of an overburdensome tax code. We must reform our tax code nationally and lower taxes just as I did in Arkansas.

We need more money in the pockets of hard-working Americans and not in the coffers of a bureaucratic and unaccountable Washington, D.C.


It is long past time for a nationally robust infrastructure package. Highways, roads, and bridges across this country are in desperate need of repair. Additionally, access to high-speed broadband — for all Americans — is imperative to our future success as a nation. Republicans on Capitol Hill support this endeavor, but they do not — nor should they — support the out-of-control and unnecessary spending promoted by national Democrats.

Supporting critical infrastructure can be accomplished without abandoning our responsibility to the American taxpayers.


The federal government should never be the sole provider of healthcare to Americans.

If that happens, quality of care will decline. We must instead return to the power of consumer choice. These are the virtues that improve quality and lower costs. States must also be given the freedom and flexibility to innovate in order to meet the unique challenges at home.

Solving the problem will require leadership that places public interest ahead of our current political divide.


Our nation’s founders understood that rights are not given by man, but rather bestowed upon us by our Creator.

This worldview is foundational to good governance and the success of the United States of America.


The success of any democracy is dependent upon agreement on a set of values. For America, we are all in this great land because we or our ancestors left other shores in search of freedom and greater opportunity. The freedoms that unite us are enshrined in our Bill of Rights. And, it is our Constitution which limits the power and role of government therefore proscribing how different parts of government act as a restraint against the cumulative power of the whole of government. Today, we have a nation divided and we must return to what brings us together and not what pulls us apart. That is why it is so important that we seek out leaders that bring out the best in America rather than those that give in to our worst instincts. I believe that we must respect dissent and stand together on the common ground of freedom, equality, and fairness.


Our nation is blessed with tremendous energy potential and leaders in Washington, D.C. should implement policies to unleash it. Unfortunately, the Biden-Harris administration has done the opposite by imposing a federal ban on oil and gas leases.

Americans deserve plentiful, affordable energy options, and we should not be beholden to the threats and whims of foreign adversaries for our energy needs.

As president, I will pursue policies to make our great nation energy independent.