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Brian dahlefor California governor

Senator Brian Dahle is a voice for public safety, lowering taxes, and reducing homelessness. He opposes onerous government regulations that are driving up the cost of living forcing many to leave California and businesses to shutter their doors.

A longtime advocate of building a better business climate in California, Brian Dahle was the California Chamber of Commerce’s top-rated senator for pro-business votes in 2021 and has a 100 percent rating from the National Federation of Independent Business.

He was chosen by his peers in 2017 to be the Assembly Republican Leader, leading the caucus until after the 2018 elections, when he stepped down as leader to run in a special election to fill a vacant seat in the 1st Senate District.

Through his decade in the Legislature, he has worked to pursue environmental health to keep communities safe from devastating wildfires, passing multiple bills to modernize outdated laws and streamline regulations for landowners.

He has worked on a bipartisan basis to expand broadband internet access in underserved communities, better protect Californians’ digital privacy, and stop the gouging of hospital patients with surprise out-of-network bills.

He served on the Subcommittee on Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response, reforming the Legislature itself so members weren’t protected from consequences of their own abusive behavior.

Before winning the election to the Legislature in 2012, he served his community for four terms on the Lassen County Board of Supervisors. He was especially proud of leaving the county debt-free with its pensions fully funded.


  • I Commit To Making California A Place Where Families Can Afford To Live.
  • We can suspend the gas tax and provide immediate relief to drivers, while using the state’s huge surplus to ensure our roads are maintained.
  • I will appoint members of the Public Utilities Commission whose top priority is affordable energy.
  • I will fight to promote new housing so families can afford their piece of the California dream.


  • I Commit To Keeping Our Communities Safe And Holding Criminals Accountable.
  • I will appoint a Parole Board that will not allow for the early release of violent and repeat offenders.
  • I will fully fund the Armed and Prohibited Persons System to take guns out of the hands of felons.
  • I will fully fund law enforcement.


  • I Commit To Declaring Homelessness A Public Health Crisis.
  • We have a housing crisis, which hits the poorest Californians hardest. Streamline housing production and we’ll ease the pressure.
  • Drug addiction drives many people to the street and keeps them there. We must treat the drug crisis with urgency, hammering suppliers while helping addicts into recovery.
  • The state’s misguided “housing first” policy stops funding for sober-living homes that help people transition out of addiction. We need to get back to supporting proven models.
  • Many of the chronically homeless suffer severe mental illness but decline treatment. We can’t just lock people up because they’re sick, but California needs better tools to steer those who need into psychiatric care. There’s nothing compassionate about letting people spiral into crisis while living on the street.


  • I Commit To Implementing A Comprehensive Water Plan To Combat California’s Water Crisis In The Midst Of Climate Change.
  • I will get the new water storage that voters were promised almost a decade ago moving forward, including Sites Reservoir.
  • I will appoint Coastal Commissioners who recognize the need for desalination.
  • I will fast-track vegetation management to ensure wildfires do not destroy critical watersheds and pollute our reservoirs.


  • I Commit To California Students Having Access To A Quality Education In A Healthy And Safe Environment.
  • I will promote school choice so parents have options to find the best education that fits their children’s needs.
  • I will support and fund more comprehensive career education so students can graduate on a path to a good job, even if college is not for them.
  • I will fight for more transparent curriculum so parents know what is happening in school.


  • I Commit To Using Californian Resources To Become More Energy Independent.
  • There are 1200 oil well permits waiting to be processed through CalGen. These operations have to wait years before even being reviewed. I will require all permits to be processed within three months of being submitted.
  • California’s electrical grid is unable to meet today’s energy demands throughout the state, let alone charge millions of new electric cars. Without substantial investments, California will never be able to meet its renewable energy goals. I will work to build electricity infrastructure so renewable energy can reach customers.


  • I Commit To Aggressively Reducing Catastrophic Wildfire.
  • We must safeguard our communities, watersheds and forests through better vegetation management.
  • We can’t just throw money at the problem. We will use performance-based contracts for fuel reduction to ensure real results.
  • The state must support local Resource Conservation Districts and Fire Safe Councils that know their communities’ needs and how to get work done.
  • I will hold utilities accountable for their negligence.


  • I Commit To Streamlining Affordable Housing In California.
  • We must reform permitting to allow new homes without burying builders in endless bureaucracy.
  • The state needs to reform the way it finances affordable housing to create “one-stop shopping” for builders who want to help house needy Californians.
  • We need a hard new look at state mandates on new construction — such as sprinklers and solar panels — that drive up the cost of building.


  • I Commit To Fighting The Corruption And Dysfunction In California’s State Agencies.
  • I will replace career bureaucrats with appointees who are solutions based and focused on serving the citizens.
  • I will audit state agencies and their procedures to cut waste and ensure they’re doing the work Californians actually need today.
  • I will overhaul failed agencies like the Employment Development Department, which lost billions of dollars to fraud even as it left countless unemployed Californians without help during the pandemic.


  • I Commit To Keeping Dangerous Drugs Off The Streets Of California.
  • I will work to rebuild the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement in the Department of Justice so the state can support local law enforcement in cracking down on drug traffickers.
  • Fentanyl dealers are not engaging in “victimless crime.” They are poisoning our children and leaving a trail of death. I will treat fentanyl dealers like the killers they are.
  • The voters created a legal system for growing and selling cannabis, but illegal growing remains rampant. These growers are avoiding taxes, wrecking the environment, and destroying neighborhoods while the state largely turns a blind eye. If growers want to join the legitimate system, they should, but we will not tolerate lawlessness.