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Carol Blood for governor

My name is Carol Blood. I’m a Nebraskan, born and raised. I was born in McCook, Nebraska, raised in rural Adams County, Nebraska and raised my family in Sarpy County, Nebraska. My husband Joe and I have been married for 34 years and are blessed with three adult children and 10 grandchildren.

I love my community and have been an active volunteer and community advocate for decades. I feel my mission in life is to help and serve others.

In 2008 I was elected to the Bellevue City Council as the At-Large (city-wide) Representative. I was re-elected in 2012. In 2016, I was elected to the Nebraska Legislature to serve District 3 and re-elected in 2020.

Nebraska communities are full of hardworking and deserving citizens. As an elected official I have always made it a priority to be accessible to my constituents. If you lived in any of the areas where I served, you likely received a phone call from me or my office checking in to see if you have any questions, concerns or comments about the legislature or policy. This is a practice I’ve maintained while serving at both the state and local level. I do this because it helps me understand the wants and needs of folks I serve by hearing and noting their concerns directly.

I would be honored to serve as your next Governor and will make sure your collective voices are heard. Together we can continue to make our Nebraska communities great places to live and raise our families. Let’s not participate in the partisan politics we see at all levels of government across our great country. In Nebraska, we can keep our eye on what is important – people. Those seeking to serve in public office should not serve special interest groups or political parties, they should serve you.

I ask for your support and your vote for a better Nebraska. We need New Blood in Nebraska for the greater good of all.

About Lt Governor AL DAVIS

Al is a graduate of Hyannis High School and obtained his BA at the University of Denver. He also studied at Creighton University and spent a year in New York at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Until his election to the Nebraska Legislature in 2012 he operated the OLO ranch near Hyannis, NE homesteaded by his grandfather in 1888. The Davis family retained ownership through the slaughter process, selling humanely raised, non-implanted, antibiotic free cattle. Al was actively involved in his community, founding a successful community theatre, local arts council, tourism committee and served as chamber president several times. Al served two terms on the board of the Nebraska Arts Council, working there to promote artistic opportunities in rural Nebraska.

Al was a founding member of the Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska, an organization dedicated to market reform, packer concentration, accessibility and checkoff reform. Al also served six years on the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, and is currently a board member for the Nebraska Farmer’s Union, and as a Local Leader for Family Farm Action. Al served on local school boards for over 30 years, working to bring opportunities to Nebraska’s most rural schools.

After election to the Legislature Al served on the Transportation, Revenue, Education, Retirement, and Judiciary Committees with a focus on tax reform and strengthening rural firefighting entities which are dealing with more severe fire seasons due to rising temperatures and drought. During the 2020 election Al served as Treasurer for Nebraskans for Responsible Lending which successfully limited the scope of payday lending in Nebraska. Following his term in the Legislature Al served as secretary for the Organization for Competitive Markets. Al also fills a board position with Voices for Children and is on the advisory committee for the Open Sky Policy Institute in Nebraska. In 2020 Al began lobbying for the Nebraska Chapter of the Sierra Club which is focused on climate change, environmental degradation and alternative energy.

Al and his wife Dottie live in SW Cherry County and Lincoln, Nebraska.


Nebraskans need to know the truth about the history of our property taxes over the last two decades. I want to be transparent about these issues and start working on solutions to fix these problems.

We can grow our state and economy with the goal of attracting and retaining talent – particularly those in the 18 to 34 age range – who will drive our state’s economy for years. I vow to listen to the collaborative voices of many, not the privileged few or special interest groups.


Everyone wants to feel safe and have services accessible to them so they can stay well.

Our state must have enough doctors, dentists, mental health professionals, clinics, and hospitals to address the needs of all our communities. As first responders age out, we should use this opportunity to ensure the applicant pool is sufficient to meet the needs of communities served during times of unprecedented challenges.

Nebraskans need to know that elected officials have their backs during natural disasters and in times of need. They need a Governor who has a plan to withstand or quickly recover from man-made or natural disasters.


We contribute to the success of our farmers and businesses when we properly maintain our bridges and roads.

Our communities benefit when we create connectivity, have dependable utilities and necessary transportation options that meet our current needs, and broadband internet to connect people to opportunities.

I want to address the ongoing deteriorating infrastructure that slows down our ability to compete in an increasingly global marketplace.


I support an education finance system that continues to foster quality, fairness, and equity, with the state playing a larger role in K-12 finance to reduce property tax reliance and give all stakeholders a voice.

Let’s continue to grow Nebraska’s post-high school options, knowing that a 4-year degree is not always the right path for students, and address student loan debt.

Together we can generate a workforce that is well-rounded and capable, creating strong future employees who are encouraged to stay and succeed here in Nebraska.