I am running for the office of President of the United States, and I firmly believe that bold action is what’s required to address the challenges we face today. We don’t have much time before the same old political operatives start influencing the choices for the 2024 elections, which are nearly two years away.

These are historically challenging times. In recent years, government spending has surged, leading to the worst inflation since the days of President Jimmy Carter. Under the guise of responding to a pandemic, the U.S. government started printing an excess of ‘free’ money in 2020, distributing funds to millions of Americans and encouraging them to stay home. Regrettably, many of those same workers haven’t returned to work, causing severe harm to small businesses across the nation. History will undoubtedly remember these recent years as a period of inadequate political leadership.

It’s evident that President Joe Biden is not equipped for the task at hand, but the issue goes beyond him. Our national debt has ballooned to $31 trillion. In the year 2000, our national debt was just $5 trillion. What we need now is fresh leadership and a renewed commitment to the principles of fiscal conservatism and respect for the Constitution, which the Republican party was once known for.

As President, my primary goals will include balancing America’s budget and paying down our debts. I will work to restore America’s international reputation for integrity, strength, and determination while leading our nation domestically with restraint and a deep respect for the U.S. Constitution and our sovereignty.

I have a strong background in public service and the private sector. President Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy nominated me to the U.S. Naval Academy, and I was commissioned by President George H.W. Bush. I’ve had the privilege of serving on the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy and the aegis cruiser USS Hue City.

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to serve in various capacities, from financial advisor to successful businessman, naval officer, and, most recently, as Secretary of State in Montana, where I served for a dozen years.

My campaign’s core message is encapsulated in the slogan “Pay It Forward.” Instead of burdening our children and grandchildren with trillions in new debt, my administration will focus on paying off our existing debts, investing in a world-class education system, and safeguarding the American institutions that underpin our way of life. Let’s “Pay It Forward” for the future generations.

There’s a wide array of critical issues we need to address, from immigration reform to digital privacy, energy independence, NATO commitments, and revitalizing our economy. While I cannot possibly list all the actions I will take as the next President, I want you to know this: I will lead with vision, integrity, experience, and courage. I’ve spent my entire life preparing for these challenging times, and I am committed to not letting you down.

Now, back to a more lighthearted note, you might be surprised to learn that I am also a country music recording artist, and I’ve released a couple of albums this year. The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) allows campaigns to engage in various forms of communication, including concerts and merchandise, as demonstrated by the recent Pearl Jam concert. My campaign is multifaceted, aiming to connect with Americans on multiple levels, and I look forward to sharing my music and message with the nation.