Greg Hach, a native of Hicksville in New York’s 3rd Congressional District, has led a life marked by service, legal advocacy, and family commitment. Raised in a working-class neighborhood, he developed a strong community bond early on. Greg attended local schools and worked various jobs, including dishwashing and landscaping. His passion for aviation led him to join the Civil Air Patrol in high school.

Post-high school, Greg served in the United States Air Force during the Cold War, stationed in Crete, Greece. Returning home, he pursued higher education at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City while working at CBS’s broadcast center. His determination saw him through college and law school at Ohio Northern University’s Petit College of Law, where he graduated in 1999.

Greg’s legal career was significantly influenced by his personal experiences with asbestos-related diseases, including his father’s illness. This motivated him to focus on representing building trades workers affected by asbestos exposure. In partnership with Michael Rose, he founded Hach & Rose, LLP, a law firm dedicated to workplace injury cases. They started the firm shortly after the September 11, 2001, attacks, providing pro bono services to 9-11 victims.

Greg’s personal life is anchored by his wife, Theresa, and their three children. Their family, which includes two dogs, reflects diverse interests ranging from sports to marine biology and law.

Throughout his career, Greg Hach has demonstrated a deep commitment to justice, community service, and family, embodying the values he was raised with in Hicksville.

Greg Hach’s campaign focuses on several key issues:

  1. Immigration and Border Security: Hach emphasizes the current border crisis as a significant concern, indicating a need for stronger immigration policies and border enforcement.

  2. China’s Global Influence: He points to the long-standing issue of China’s currency manipulation and its implications for the United States, suggesting a need to contain China’s threat.

  3. Public Safety: Hach advocates for increasing police presence to enhance safety in neighborhoods, trains, subways, and buses.

  4. Cybersecurity: Recognizing the daily cyber threats facing America, he underlines the importance of protecting Americans from cyberattacks, malware, viruses, and spyware.

  5. Congressional Ethics: He proposes banning stock trades by Members of Congress, highlighting their substantial salaries and the need for ethical conduct.

  6. Taxation: Hach calls for restoring the State and Local Tax Deduction (SALT), referring to its removal as a punitive tax increase on the people.

  7. U.S. Global Leadership: He critiques the current administration’s approach, implying a need to re-establish American strength and global leadership.

  8. Economic Stability: Addressing the high levels of inflation under President Biden’s administration, Hach focuses on curbing inflation and protecting purchasing power.

These issues reflect Hach’s focus on national security, economic stability, public safety, and ethical governance.