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Kay Ivey for governor

When Kay Ivey was first sworn-in as the 54th Governor of the State of Alabama in April 2017, she got right to work cleaning up Montgomery and restoring the people’s trust in government. That’s because Kay is a conservative fighter, whose life has prepared her to lead our state towards prosperity and opportunity for every Alabamian.

She grew up working on the family farm in Wilcox County. That’s where Kay learned to put in a hard day’s work, to live within her means, to have faith, and to support family and community.

These values took her to Auburn University and then on to become a school teacher. And she carries those same values with her now as a public servant working to improve the lives of her neighbors.

Kay was elected Treasurer in 2002, a position she used to implement conservative budgeting principles that led to cuts in unnecessary spending and protected every dollar of taxpayer money.

She then won a hard-fought battle against an entrenched Democrat Lieutenant Governor incumbent in 2010, becoming the first Republican woman to hold the office in Alabama’s history. Kay made history again by becoming the first Republican re-elected to the office.

She has led the fight to shrink government, save taxpayers’ money, and create good-paying jobs. And already this year, Kay has signed the largest tax relief in more than a decade, more Alabamians are working now than ever before and we’ve created a record number of new jobs.

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kay used common sense leadership to guide this state through challenging times. Her leadership truly balanced saving lives and ensuring Alabamians maintained a good livelihood.

But she’s far from done.

Kay will never stop fighting for more jobs and bigger paychecks for all Alabamians. She’s also committed to improving Alabama’s schools. As a teacher, she’s seen what can happen when a student gets a strong start. That’s why she has launched a new education plan that focuses on strengthening early childhood education, training middle and high school students in computer science while ensuring teachers in math and science are paid the highest in the southeast, and makes sure our students and adults have the training they need to get a job. She believes in her bones that every child in Alabama deserves a quality education and the opportunity to live out their American dream.

Kay accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior when she was a teenager. Today she is a devoted member of the First Baptist Church of Montgomery, the Montgomery Rotary Club, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Montgomery YMCA.

We have a lot of work ahead to continue building an Alabama the next generation deserves. And Kay knows it won’t be easy.

But that’s what her lifetime of work has prepared for.

She’s our conservative fighter—and she’s going to continue winning for Alabama.

They’re what make us great

  • I believe in God, and I believe we need to look to Him for the answers.

  • I believe every life is precious. As a pro-life governor, I will always fight to protect the unborn.

  • I believe the Second Amendment is clear and it ought to be protected. I will always defend our right as law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

  • I believe my job is make sure you have a job. As Governor, I have fought every day to get Alabama working again. Over 44,000 new jobs and counting…

  • I believe our children deserve a quality education and the opportunity to succeed. As a former teacher, I’ll always make sure our children come first and have the resources they need for a strong start in life.

  • I believe our veterans deserve better. I want to make Alabama the best state in America for our heroes.

  • I believe our farmers need a fighter and a leader who has their back. I’ll continue to be that fighter for our farmers, so that we can get government out of the way and let them farm.

  • I believe our police officers and our first responders should be honored for the hard work they do for all of us. I will always support those who defend us.

  • I believe in standing up for the little guy, and fighting for the forgotten. It’s what I’ve done all my life, and that’s not changing now.

  • I believe we must continue to root out corruption in Montgomery. Together, we’ve made great progress, but there is still work to be done.


Alabama is working again.

  • Delivered the lowest unemployment in Alabama history.
  • Created 65,000 new jobs. Built the best business climate in all fifty states.
  • Over $32 billion in new business investment with more jobs than ever before.
  • Record funding for our schools with record pay for our teachers.
  • Banned lobbyists from appointments in executive branch
  • Established Opioid Overdose & Addiction Council to address the epidemic that is ravaging our families
  • A historic commitment to keep our roads safe and moving.
  • Banned vaccine passports.