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Scott Jensen for Minnesota governor

Lifelong Minnesotan

Born and raised in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, Dr. Scott Jensen graduated valedictorian of his 1973 high school class. He attended the University of Minnesota obtaining an undergraduate degree in physiology, magna cum laude, and then attended Luther Theological Seminary seeking answers to life‘s biggest questions. The seminary proved to be an ideal setting for profound decision making as he made two life-changing decisions:

He asked his girlfriend to be his “forever valentine” - they have now been married 43 years.

He decided to attend medical school and subsequently received his medical degree from the University of Minnesota in 1981. He completed a family practice residency at Bethesda Hospital in Saint Paul Minnesota and was awarded the Mead Johnson outstanding resident award in 1982 – a coveted award granted annually to 15 family practice residents in the nation.

His wife, Mary, received her doctorate of veterinary medicine degree from the University of Minnesota and devoted much of her career to the treatment of exotic animals such as snakes, iguanas, and cockatoos! Scott and Mary have three remarkable children and six adorable grandchildren.

Trusted Doctor and Health Advocate

After Dr. Jensen completed his residency at Bethesda Hospital he opened his own medical practice, anchored in Watertown, with an office in his new hometown of Chaska. Over the years, he has put his inquisitive spirit to work for patients, working with them and asking questions in order to not only provide accurate diagnoses, but also to empower patients to take control of their own care.

In 2016, he was recognized by his peers and was named Family Physician of the Year by the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians. He also published his first book “Relationship Matters, The Foundation of Medical Care Is Fracturing”, which tells patient stories to emphasize the critical value of the patient-doctor relationship. The book expresses Dr. Jensen’s strong belief in the absolute need for patients to be their own “champion” for their health care decisions.

Capitol Icon Jensen

Problem Solver and Political Maverick Concerned about the direction of local schools, Dr. Jensen campaigned for and was elected to a seat on the Waconia School Board. He served from 1993 to 2002 where he was known for asking tough questions and driving improvement in performance. He put the students first in every decision he made.

In 2017, Dr. Jensen took his maverick spirit to the Minnesota Senate. Here Scott challenged the status quo and developed the reputation of being a problem solver and one who spoke unabashedly for his constituents. Dr. Jensen was never afraid to take on the political establishment if the cause demanded action.

In 2019 Senator Jensen authored and presented seven Bills on the senate floor, including a groundbreaking Pharmacy Benefit Manager Bill. Leading from the front, the political outsider built consensus and all seven Bills were passed by the Senate with bi-partisan support.

In one of his last acts as a State Senator, Dr. Jensen led the way on an insulin affordability Bill. It was designed to guarantee low-cost insulin for Minnesotans for emergencies and ongoing care. The Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act had languished for more than a year in senseless political gridlock. With Senator Jensen taking the lead, the Bill was brought to the Senate floor after only 28 days. It not only had bi-partisan support, it passed unanimously.

A Leading Voice Against Lockdowns

The Covid pandemic has pushed Dr. Jensen into the international spotlight. He has appeared on top rated shows and often been a lone voice calling for the measurement of the impact of government imposed draconian measures versus the impact of the virus. Scott has been a voice for the voiceless - tirelessly demanding peer review and updating of government models as facts emerged, transparency in the completion of death certificates, and recognition and calls to balance and measure the effects of lockdowns and closures.

Dr. Jensen’s booming social media accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers have given hope to those seeking answers. When the mainstream media put the truth second to their biases, he provided answers and insights that spoke directly to the people. In retribution for his efforts to be a voice, the state of Minnesota sought retribution against him. In 2020, Dr. Jensen saw two complaints opened against him by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. The anonymous complaints were dismissed without any action being taken and in 2021 he returned to a post Senate life of treating his patients and seeking the truth.

The path has now led him to enter the race to be the Governor of Minnesota. Here Scott will continue to tell the truth. He will not be intimidated, and he will fight “Cancel Culture”. There will be no more reliance on faulty models, bad data, and decisions for our children and small businesses that are politically based. The unilateral power grab by Tim Walz has hurt people and not been based in science and the truth. Dr. Scott Jensen will change that.

Minnesota Crime Epidemic

Our governor must support police and have the political courage to return safety to our streets. Kids must feel safe going to school or going to the park. Enough is enough!

Reduce Crime Now

Make Carjacking a Crime with Harsh Penalty

Create a specific crime for carjacking. Currently, carjackers are either charged with robbery or assault. This proposal would model after the bill in the Minnesota Senate and being blocked by Democrats in the Minnesota House. Defendants would serve two, four or six year minimum sentences under this proposal.

Stop Non-Profit Funding to Bail out Criminals

End the ability for non-profits to bail out violent criminals, a bill that has been blocked by DFLers in the legislature. Kamala Harris famously donated to a non-profit which bailed out violent criminals after the Minneapolis riots.

Bring in the State Patrol to Reinstate Order

Issue an executive order to deploy state patrol officers to supplement local law enforcement needs in high crime areas. It is patterned after similar actions of Governor Arne Carlson in 1995 and Governor Tim Pawlenty in 2003 when Minneapolis experienced similar surges in murders and violent crime.

Make Penalties Harsher

Stiffen penalties for repeat, violent criminals to felony levels and increase sentencing guidelines for such crimes.

Screen and Appoint Judges who will Uphold Sentences

Screen and appoint judges that commit to stopping “catch and release” and that will sentence violent criminals to the top recommended penalties in Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines. Repeat, violent offenders have been allowed back on the streets largely because of liberal judges releasing criminals by deviating to lower sentences or probation. A recent article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press illustrated criminals with over twenty prior felony convictions committing further violent crime after repeatedly getting released. Expenses to the state for repeated arrests, prosecution and defense costs, as well as the untold costs to multiple victims prove that in many cases, it saves the state money to keep repeat, violent criminals incarcerated versus the Tim Walz policies of simply releasing them back into society.

Judges must Follow Guidelines

We must also change statutes to disallow judges from deviating down to lower sentences for convicted violent crime from established sentencing guidelines.

Protect the Children

Create a Division within the Department of Public Safety to focus on protecting the innocence of children. This unit would specifically focus on the protection of children from sexual exploitation and trafficking. This would include increasing the mandatory minimums for the creation of child pornography, as well as directives to coordinate with local law enforcement and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to end Minnesota’s reputation as a hub for child sex trafficking.

End Recidivism with Productive Training

Bring in job training, literacy and skills training in the Department of Corrections so convicts released will have the ability to get a productive job and end recidivism. Over 90% of inmates will be released back into society in Minnesota. Coordinate higher education, human services, half-way houses, non-profits, churches and the Department of Corrections to make societal on-ramping a success for those being released. Jensen is committed to appointing Cabinet Members that will make this an integrated success and not operate in bureaucratic silos. The Commissioners of Higher Education, Human Services and Corrections will be directed to make this an immediate high priority in the Jensen Administration.

Corrective Labor and Community Participation

Coordinate a Restorative Justice Initiative that would have offenders cleaning up graffiti and vandalism they and others created. Modeled after the once successful “Sentence to Serve” program in Minnesota which was a proud and innovative model for other states under DFL, Republican and Independent Governors, the program has been gutted under Tim Walz. The initiative would bring accountability to sentencing, while cleaning up our beautiful state, damaged and vandalized by criminals who know that there are little, if any consequences for their actions under this Governor.

Use the National Guard

Commitment to utilizing the National Guard immediately upon need and activate preemptively if needed upon intelligence information. Jensen said that Walz’s waffling and indecisiveness on utilizing the National Guard has led to a culture of lawlessness and sent a message to criminals that there is tolerance for violence.

Economy and Inflation

Minnesotans need a leader who will not spend us into oblivion, focus on the narrow tasks of government, and bring real relief to Minnesota families. We must reduce gas prices and protect the pocketbook of Minnesota families!


New leadership will result in more money for you and your family to spend, save and invest. Minnesota can LEAD in spite of Biden/Walz inflationary policies and fight against them! Under Tim Walz, the state government budget and inflation have been growing, while the average family budget has been shrinking, which is leaving less money to spend on groceries, gas and other needed expenses. There is a better way and we can GROW Minnesota families’ budgets even during economic downturns.

Our FIT (Fight Inflation Together) Plan includes both aspirational and specific initiatives to protect and enhance the family budget, ranging from tax and spending policy, to regulation and permit reforms.

Get Proactive on Energy

Combat inflation by implementing the Jensen gas price reduction plan and instituting an “all of the above” strategy on energy, which will be specifically outlined in the coming weeks. Energy is one of the biggest contributors to the extraordinarily high Biden-Walz inflation rates.

More Money in Pockets NOW

Put more money into the pockets of Minnesotans to fight inflation by getting Minnesota out of the top ten in all tax categories in the near term and returning through permanent tax reductions or other mechanisms, at least $5,000 for every family of four in the state.

Increase Worker Pay

Increase the pay of working class Minnesotans by phasing out the Minnesota individual income tax over time by growing the private sector economy, cutting wasteful government spending and utilizing the budget surplus.

Eliminate Abuse and Fraud

Conduct immediate investigations into billions of dollars of waste, fraud and abuse that have not been addressed by the Walz Administration, including daycare fraud, food bank fraud, light rail cost overruns and MnLARS program incompetence and rendering savings to better uses and to the taxpayers. Allow the State Auditor to work in concert with the Legislative Auditor to uncover waste and fraud in the state budget. Wasted Minnesota tax dollars under Tim Walz means less money in the pockets of taxpayers.

Veto All Wasteful Projects

Line item veto wasteful spending and drive reforms to restructure programs that need examination. This will include examination of spending and program results in the 2023-2024 interim of the legislative session. Tim Walz is the only Governor in Minnesota history to never veto or line item veto any bill or appropriation, showing the lack of insightfulness, oversight and executive responsibility to manage the taxpayer’s dollar. This also includes instituting sunsets of new government programs and a regular and thorough examination, audit and review of programs that can be candidates for sunsetting and reforms.

Eliminate Social Security Taxes

Keep our retirees in Minnesota by fully exempting social security from taxation.

Reduce Cost of Living

Veto any new tax increases or proposed agency rules that increase the cost of living for Minnesotans. Proposed initiatives from agencies that cost money or mandate action should go through the legislative process and compete in a fair manner as a priority for funding and consideration of implementation as a mandate.

Hire Competent Watchdogs

Appoint competent Commissioners and Agency Staff to make sure taxpayers and job providers are treated in a fair and transparent manner. For example, the Walz Administration’s Department of Revenue couldn’t get a simple tax change formatted properly, thus recently forcing tens of thousands of Minnesota taxpayers to pay over $38 million of taxes that they weren’t expecting after their returns were filed.

Fight Costly Mandates

Institute Executive Orders, directives and initiate proposed legislation to repeal or amend costly mandates that drive up the cost of living in Minnesota. Rural daycares must attend lectured training that easily could be conducted via zoom, forcing them to close for a day, driving up transportation costs and making their business more difficult to operate. Jensen said that he wants to have more input on other unfriendly agency actions and burdensome regulations under Tim Walz that other states do not have.

Increase Job Growth

Proactively expedite permits, licenses and change other regulations that prevent job and wage growth across various sectors of the Minnesota economy. These range from permits that job providers like rural ag businesses contend with and local governments that raise property taxes, water and sewer rates to deal with unreasonable regulators. This would also include support to unleashing the economy in northeastern Minnesota by permitting, copper-nickel and other mining facilities that have properly followed the strict environmental regulatory processes required under Minnesota law.

Funding Kids, not Broken Institutions

Education is not a political payoff. Tim Walz has been beholden to bureaucrats who’ve harmed our children. We need to fund our KIDS, not failed institutions. We also must empower PARENTS in curriculum and school decision making.

Parental Rights

We must empower parents to make the best decisions for their kids, inside and outside of the school. Too often, our children are being subjected to political indoctrination. Let’s get back to the basics of education and leave the hard social issues at home!


In the wake of the overturning of Roe v Wade, Minnesotans have engaged in many poignant conversations regarding abortion and have reached out to our campaign. In Minnesota, this has no impact because our Supreme Court ruled in 1995 that Doe vs. Gomez provides that abortion availability is assured. This has raised up many ideas on how we can best support women and children and how we can enact policies that make sense to give loving and caring support for women in Minnesota. Scott Jensen and Matt Birk have a plan to support and protect women!

Family and Maternity Leave

Propose a Family & Maternity Leave program to assist parents to spend time with their children that holds businesses harmless on costs.

Adoption Tax Credit

Provide for an adoption tax credit of at least $2,500 per adopted child.

Reduce Adoption Costs

Dedicate a division of employees from the Department of Human Services (DHS) to screening, processing and expediting adoptions to reduce costs for adoptive families and appoint a Governor’s Commission on Adoption to research and recommend policies to reduce the costs of adoptions. (Jensen said there is no reason that an adoption should cost tens of thousands of dollars when there are loving and law-abiding families wanting to adopt a child.) Such a division of DHS would also analyze and recommend changes in foster care laws to expedite adoptions and give children a loving and caring home with permanency.

Fund Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Increase funding for Crisis Pregnancy Centers to assist with counseling and support for pregnant women. Partner state government with non-profits, local governments and churches to provide safe places and resources for mothers. Reform Minnesota’s child care programs to allow for more slots, reduce regulations that are causing providers to leave the profession and increase funding for the sliding scale program to assist with child care needs.

Provide Counseling for Rape/Incest Survivors

Enact legislation to provide free counseling for rape/incest survivors, impose harsher penalties for rapists, require prompt rape kit analysis and distribute emergency medication to all patients undergoing evaluation for rape or incest crimes.

Improve Access to Birth Control

Improve access and availability to birth control by expanding information on natural family planning, providing oral contraceptives over the counter with ceiling price structures, remove barriers to ongoing family planning needs and reduce requirements for continued and consistent access to birth control resources.

Parental Notification

Enact legislation that requires parental notification for minors undergoing abortions, requires comprehensive informed consent procedures for abortion procedures, and establishes high quality medical standards regarding technical skills necessary for abortions and appropriate sites for such procedures.

Punish those who Target Women

Propose and pass harsher laws for crimes that are proven to target women. Women are often targeted for robberies and carjackings.

Bring the Hammer Down on Sex Traffickers

Create commission dedicated to addressing and eliminating child pornography, human trafficking, and sex trafficking. Such a commission shall submit a report on potential legislative actions within six months of origination. Scott Jensen and Matt Birk are committed to bringing the hammer down on sex trafficking.

Acknowledge Circumstances

Acknowledge that any arbitrary list of exceptions to abortion restrictions in the future would include, but not be limited to, allegations of rape or incest, or circumstances endangering mental or physical health of the pregnant woman. As a physician, Dr. Scott Jensen has consistently talked about life being fundamentally threatened by such events. The life of the mother extends beyond the process of childbirth.