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Applying For Food Stamps During COVID-19

States have changed the way they are processing Food Stamp applications during the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency. Most, if not all, states have closed their offices to the public and are only taking applications online or by paper application received in the mail.

If you are unable to complete an application using either of these methods then contact your local Food Stamp office and ask what your rights are.

Applying for Food Stamps Online

If you have access to an internet connection, filing an online application is the quickest and most efficient way to apply for Food Stamps. You will need to create an account before beginning the application, which will also allow you to return to the application if you are unable to complete it in its entirety in one sitting.

Once your application is complete someone from your Department of Health Services will contact you to finish the application process and to let you know if you have been approved.

Applying for Food Stamps by Paper Application

You can also apply for Food Stamps by filling out a paper application. You will need to either print a copy from your states website or call your local Department of Health Services and request that they mail an application to your address.

Paper applications take longer to process than online applications, but choosing to use a paper application will not affect your eligibility for benefits.

Applying for Food Stamps in Person

The third way you can apply for Food Stamps is by completing an application at your local Department of Health Services. You will need to bring proof of income and work history with you.

Note Due to the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, many Department of Health Services offices have temporarily closed to the public. If you intend to file an application in-person, please double check that your local office is open to the public.

Senior Citizens & People With Disabilities

Most states offer various forms of additional assistance and in the application process for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. If you need assistance filling out your application then contact your Department of Health Services or local Senior Service Office.

State Food Stamp Application Listing

Applications for Food Stamps must come from the state you live in. Applicants are required to prove their families monthly income, among other things. An application may take up to 30 days to be approved, but if you are approved your benefits will be backdated to your original application date.

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